•  C-ElyseeAntalya
    Citroen C-Elysee 27.00/DAY
    x5 x3 Manual Diesel
  •  Egea dCi Tablet Ekran Android MultimedyaAntalya
    Fiat Egea dCi Tablet Ekran Android Multimedya 28.00/DAY
    x5 x3 Manual Diesel
  •  Lodgy Dizel 5 + 2Antalya
    Dacia Lodgy Dizel 5 + 2 29.00/DAY
    x7 x5 Manual Diesel
  •  Accent Blue OtomatikAntalya
    Hyundai Accent Blue Otomatik 32.00/DAY
    x5 x3 Automatic Diesel
  •  FocusAntalya
    Ford Focus 32.50/DAY
    x5 x4 Automatic Diesel
  •  Clio HBAntalya
    Renault Clio HB 33.00/DAY
    x3 x1 Automatic Benzin
  •  Egea Cross dCi Tablet Ekran Android Multimedya otomatikAntalya
    Fiat Egea Cross dCi Tablet Ekran Android Multimedya otomatik 33.00/DAY
    x5 x3 Automatic Diesel
  •  Egea dCi Tablet Ekran Android Multimedya otomatikAntalya
    Fiat Egea dCi Tablet Ekran Android Multimedya otomatik 33.00/DAY
    x5 x3 Automatic Diesel
  •  Tourneo CourierAntalya
    Ford Tourneo Courier 34.00/DAY
    x5 x4 Manual Diesel
  •  Taliant Benzinli OtomatikAntalya
    Renault Taliant Benzinli Otomatik 35.00/DAY
    x5 x4 Manual Benzin


Our Campaign and Discounted Prices

Our Campaign and Discounted Prices

Please enter the date you will rent a car to be informed about our campaign and discounted prices. You cannot see the discounted prices without entering the rental dates, please enter your rental dates...

Birol Bircan Rent a Car

Birol Bircan Rent a Car

As Birol Bircan car rental company, we have been providing car rental services in all cities of Turkey, at airports, bus stations, from our office in Antalya and its surroundings since 2012. We are constantly improving ourselves to give you the best car rental experience with our wide vehicle fleet suitable for every budget and our experienced staff. You can go on safe and comfortable journeys with our vehicles that you can rent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. As Birol Bircan car rental, we are a business that has been trying to stay at the top for years with our understanding of affordable price guarantee, quality service and always customer satisfaction among Antalya car rental companies. By analyzing the needs of both our individual and corporate customers well, we provide them with special solutions and enable them to rent a car without breaking their budgets.

Thanks to the long-term car rental service we offer to corporate companies, we produce the most effective and affordable solutions for the vehicle needs of companies. You can rent our vehicles in every region of Turkey and experience the privilege of renting a car by Birol Bircan. We offer solutions that make life easier by keeping economic and vip segment vehicles in line with the demands of our individual customers. You can reach our experienced sales consultants by calling + 90 506 690 23 44 to get more detailed information about our vehicles with many different models and features. Birol Bircan offers an effective solution to the traffic problem, which is a big problem for those who come to Antalya for the first time, by offering car rental and standard car rental, as well as a car rental service with driver, which is very popular especially at the airport.

Our company, headquartered in Antalya, is waiting for you with its high model vehicles and flexible car rental agreements tailored for you. Customer satisfaction is the priority for our company, which has a roadside assistance team that gives you 24/7 support from the moment you rent the vehicle to the moment you deliver it. If you want to work with a real quality, corporate and affordable rent a car company, you can find all these features you are looking for in Birol Bircan car rental.

Reliable Service

Reliable Service

As Birol Bircan car rental, we do our best to provide reliable service to all our customers. All of our vehicles are insured in car rental and only tires, glass and headlights are not covered by insurance. The insurance company (God forbid) pays in the event of an accident, but does not pay in any way except for the accident.

Vehicle Delivery

Vehicle Delivery

* Vehicle Delivery at the Airport

We are waiting for you in a park just opposite the entrance gate of the international departure terminal on the delivery date of your vehicle. After exiting the terminal arrival gate, we will meet you about 50 meters ahead. After the airport taxi stand, we will be waiting for you with your vehicle in front of the Traway elevator parked along the road. If we cannot meet (sometimes we have to take a tour inside the terminal due to parking problems.) you can call us immediately on our phone and whatsapp numbers. Please have copies of your driver's license, passport or identification information (front and back) ready when you hand over your vehicle. Thank you for choosing us, we wish you safe travels and good holidays.

* Vehicle Delivery at the Hotel

Your vehicle According to the reservation information you have confirmed, we will be waiting at the main entrance of your hotel (as they did not let us into the hotel) on the date and time you want. On the day of vehicle delivery, please have your driver's license and photocopies of your ID ready (front and back), and we kindly ask you to be present at the hotel's main entrance on the day and time specified in the reservation. Thank you for choosing us, we wish you safe travels and good holidays.

Note: At Antalya Airport, in front of the terminal, sometimes inside the airport, due to the big parking problem, after you are met at the airport at the point where we will wait for you when you deliver your vehicle, the vehicle rental agreement will be made near the airport where the formalities have been completed. The vehicle is not directly at the airport, but at our meeting point close to the airport, and our guests are taken to the airport by us. If we cannot meet in front of the terminal exit door, you can reach us by phone or WhatsApp next to the terminal exit door or inside the terminal.

Mobile Wifi Internet is With You Everywhere!

Mobile Wifi Internet is With You Everywhere!

* You can rent it with your Mobile Wifi Vehicle.

With the pocket modem you can rent from us, you can make your family or business meetings anywhere with uninterrupted internet at the beach, in your car and everywhere.



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