Vehicle Delivery

* Vehicle Delivery at the Airport

We are waiting for you in a park just opposite the entrance gate of the international departure terminal on the delivery date of your vehicle. After exiting the terminal arrival gate, we will meet you about 50 meters ahead. After the airport taxi stand, we will be waiting for you with your vehicle in front of the Traway elevator parked along the road. If we cannot meet (sometimes we have to take a tour inside the terminal due to parking problems.) you can call us immediately on our phone and whatsapp numbers. Please have copies of your driver's license, passport or identification information (front and back) ready when you hand over your vehicle. Thank you for choosing us, we wish you safe travels and good holidays.

* Vehicle Delivery at the Hotel

Your vehicle According to the reservation information you have confirmed, we will be waiting at the main entrance of your hotel (as they did not let us into the hotel) on the date and time you want. On the day of vehicle delivery, please have your driver's license and photocopies of your ID ready (front and back), and we kindly ask you to be present at the hotel's main entrance on the day and time specified in the reservation. Thank you for choosing us, we wish you safe travels and good holidays.

Note: At Antalya Airport, in front of the terminal, sometimes inside the airport, due to the big parking problem, after you are met at the airport at the point where we will wait for you when you deliver your vehicle, the vehicle rental agreement will be made near the airport where the formalities have been completed. The vehicle is not directly at the airport, but at our meeting point close to the airport, and our guests are taken to the airport by us. If we cannot meet in front of the terminal exit door, you can reach us by phone or WhatsApp next to the terminal exit door or inside the terminal.